Aroma body wrap

Aroma body wrapOur emotional well-being has significant impact on our physical appearance. Stress, excessive alcohol and nicotine consumption and imbalanced nourishment stimulate lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, gout, acidification of the tissue and digestive disorders. The consequences include:

  • fat pads
  • circulatory problems
  • cellulite

Aroma body wraps can (especially as a complement to the AMB® method) counteract these phenomena purposefully and effectively.


The ethereal ingredients and the exact winding technique provide a strong firming,and detoxification effect, and increase the blood flow in the treated areas. The treatment should include 10-20 sessions and should be repeated in regular intervals after reaching the desired condition.


1. Individually matched aromatic oils are applied to the areas to be treated and massaged briefly.
2. Bandages soaked with herbal and aromatherapy extracts are wrapped tightly around the legs, hips and belly and then covered with foil.
3. The client rests for 30-40 minutes lightly covered, and then the bandages are removed.

This service is offered in the following instituts: