Colon hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapyThe Colon - Hydrotherapy is a gentle way to clean the colon, the intestinal villi and crypts. Also, the immune system is activated and strengthened, because a large part of our immune system (80 percent) is located in the Peyer`s Paques in the depth of the crypts.

The entire colon is rinsed for about one hour with warm  water ( 37 degrees) and to achieve perfect cleansing of the intestinal villi an abdomen massage will be applied (faecal stones dissolve and are washed away). This is done in a closed system without odor and pain free.

The Colon - hydrotherapy is recommended for everyone and effectively supports the treatment of many civilization diseases such as allergies, constipation, intestinal and skin diseases and many more.

Colon - hydrotherapy is also recommended  to support liver cleansing ( by Dr. Mortitz or Dr. Clark). The therapy should consist of multiple sessions carried out in a short intervals.

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