AMB Franchisepartnerin Hannelore EnderlinHannelore Enderlin - Franchisepartner in 7000 St. Georgen/Eisenstadt

Because my job as a bank teller did not really make me happy, I decided 5 years ago, to start my own business as an AMB® franchisee - a big step which I've never regretted!
15 years earlier, as an AMB® client, I have changed my diet and lost 33 kg. Positive side effects have been an improvement in my skin's appearance and the absence of migraine attacks. This personal experience has been the impetus for me to pick the AMB® - franchise system.
Advantages of this proven and science-based approach allow me to work independently with a flexible time schedule which, being a mother, is very important to me.
Furthermore, the AMB® - Franchise system offers me the opportunity of a very good income at reasonable cost.
However, most fulfilling is the work with customers who celebrate great weightloss successes. My personal performance and the efficiency of AMB® - method is confirmed by their satisfaction again and again.