RMB-smoke free with bioresonance

RMB-smoke free with bioresonanceFancy to quit smoking?

  • reduces withdrawal symptoms
  • reduced health risks
  • improves your quality of life
  • saves money

RMB provides smokers with optimal physical and mental support to quit smoking! The painless and relaxing RMB treatment for smoking cessation reduces withdrawal symptoms and cravings for nicotine from the very first session. The therapy takes about half an hour and is performed by means of bioresonance. Bioresonance programs that were especially developed for this issue support the detox process.

These treatments are performed three times in the first smoke-free week, twice in the second week and once in the third week. Subsequently a RMB-treatment should be scheduled every 4 weeks (for a period of about 6 months).

RMB smoke free with bioresonance verifiably decreases health risks such as:

  • increased blood pressure and circulatory problems
  • Shortness of breath and lung diseases
  • Risk of heart attack and cancer (lung, trachea, tongue, mouth, ...)

After a year without smoking, the risk of coronary artery diseases (arteriosclerosis) decreases by 50%! Stroke risk is decreased by half after 5 years!
RMB smoke free with bioresonance also helps to save money (1 pack of cigarettes à € 4.50 per day for 1 year cots more than € 1.600, -!) and to fulfill your wish for a smoke-free future.